Our dentist and staff at Today’s Dental understand that our patients in Livingston, Texas crave a healthy and straight smile that they are proud to show off. Due to natural reasons, not everyone is given a perfectly straight smile, but we have a way to fix that with orthodontic braces. Braces are very common and many know what they are and how they work, in case you don’t continue reading to learn about how braces can change your life.


Dr. Lewis, our dentist, has been practicing orthodontic work on his patients for years and loves it. The first step in receiving treatment is to have an appointment with Dr. Lewis for him to examine your teeth and come up with an individually tailored treatment plan. This involves taking molds and images of your teeth and photographs of your mouth.

Dr. Lewis will decide the course of action determined by the look of your teeth, face, and jaw and what needs to be fixed.

To make it easy, braces are made of two main parts that move your teeth into the desired and correct position, metal archwires and brackets. Brackets are bonded to the center of each tooth then the archwire is threaded through each bracket. These two pieces work together to provide small amounts of pressure to your teeth to move them.

Depending on your treatment plan, you will come into our office for visits to get adjusted.

Benefits of Braces

Overcrowding, over and underbites harm the health of our teeth and can cause some serious dental problems. Braces can fix all three to help prevent extra issues from happening.

Having a straight smile that you love will boost your confidence as you could never imagine.

Traditionally braces are common for children and teenagers, but recently many adults have been benefiting as well.

Once you have completed your braces treatment plan, you are given a retainer to help maintain the straightness of your teeth for the rest of your life.

We want to help all of our patients that either desire or need braces, get them. If you have been considering braces or wonder if you would be a good candidate, please call our office Today’s Dental in Livingston, Texas to set up an appointment to see Dr. Lewis.